Hand-crafted Artisan-style. Roasting fresh beans from around the globe to create the perfect cup.

The Roaster

Smooth and sweet

Costa Rica - Monte Crisol

Notes of chocolate and caramel with a brilliant finish.

Colombia - Huila Agustino Forest

Heavy chocolate notes, peanuts and crisp clean finish.

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe

Sweet strawberry and vanilla notes with a black tea like finish.

Ethiopia Sidamo

Notes of jasmine and wild flowers with a tangy finish.

Fruit and florals
Nutty and earthy

Mokka Java

Combination of our fruity Ethiopian and our earthy Sumatra with a complex finish.

House Blend

Three bean blend featuring chocolate and nutty notes with an exceptional smooth finish.

Five Star

A robust darker roast offering a semi-sweet chocolate body with a smooth finish.

Rude Awakening

An eye opening darker roast two bean blend with caramelized Brazil and earthy Sumatra.

Brash and bold